Drupal 7 Vs Drupal 6

With Drupal 7 right over the nook, I have lately positioned myself for the duty of ramping up about what is new, what’s modified, and what do I as a module developer wish to know once I sit all of the way right down to code my first Drupal postgres dba 7 module (or improve one of my D6 modules *shameless plug*). Particularly, one real flaw with Drupal 6 once was it’s incapability to implement non-public file coping with (for security functions) and CSS report aggregation around the similar time. A handful of fundamental examples might assist illustrate the difference. The issue once was moderately severe as a consequence of without CSS file aggregation, greater webpages might holiday in Internet Explorer as a consequence of its inability to consider care of huge choice of CSS file. A great deal of the choices that make Website pre-builder’s distributions more straightforward to make use of off-the-shelf in Drupal 6 are actually integrated inside the middle Drupal 7 package.

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